Carol Bo Howell

The Lord's hand and eye have been on Carol Bo from the beginning. Saved from at least three times when death tried to do her in, she wandered out of a bar into a Billy Graham meeting in New York City at age 18 and was drawn to the front to say the prayer.

At age 27 she was taken for dead in a New York Hospital, a green oil cloth put over her, at which time she said, "I am not dead". Because she had absolutely no blood in her body, they then gave her frozen blood and she kept on living anyway. She woke up knowing there must be a reason for her life. Amazing Grace.

After marrying John Howell and bearing three children in three years, she hit a slump and went for help. Her husband suggested she try church, and she "happened" into a church which had experienced charismatic revival under Terry Fulham, a brilliant and musical leader of the Episcopal movement. After receiving the Holy Spirit, she immediately went into nursing homes, mental health institutions and the RI women's prison with her guitar. Studying God's Word, however, has always been her first love, and teaching what she learns on a daily basis to those who want to hear.

Carol grew up in a Methodist country church, her mother was the choir director with an operatic voice, and her father a jazz pianist, who played by ear. She and her sister sang in the church as soon as they could walk. Music has been life to her, and when she leads worship it is with the simple, familiar songs. The Lord has given her songs in the night watches, and also the "songs of the Lord" as He leads. New manna comes every day.

A chance visit to Zion Bible institute had her on the floor with the preacher saying, "Here I am, send me." For three years she stayed home, daily studying the Word while her children were in school, and then the Lord sent her out on the mission field. The first trip was with Kenneth Copeland and Lester Sumrall to the Philippines. Jehovah God has supernaturally provided for all of her mission trips, which covered eight years back and forth to the Philippines during the revolution, eight trips to Israel to intercede with Tom Hess, many prayer trips to DC, and 34 trips to Russian speaking nations, leading prayer rooms for outreaches which brought hundreds of thousands to Christ, and to Tulsa, OK. She helped both Jonathan Bernis and Sid Roth on the Russian music festival outreaches.

She has been called often to go into cities before a ministry arrives to pray and worship.

Carol's desire is to see women reach their potential, and to inspire God's people to work into true intimacy with Jesus. The Lord heals at her meetings, and prophecy is welcome.

For the past year she has been at home with The Lord, in deep worship, in His Word, and in the Potter's Hand for preparations for the times to come.

Her three children are married and work as follows: one a lawyer, one a CEO, and one a physical therapist. Her husband is a newspaper publisher and journalist in R.I. They have been married for forty-two years. Selah! God is such a good God. Hallelujah.

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